Two serious car accident injuries treatable in Kentwood, MI

Serious Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are very common even in Kentwood, Michigan. The Michigan State Police report that there were more than 22,000 car accidents in Kent County in 2018, and the same report shows that more than 5,400 people were injured in these accidents. There are many injuries you might have to deal with after a motor vehicle accident. However, there are two car accident injuries that can be particularly serious. 

1.   Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are one of the most serious car accident injuries. These injuries occur when a person’s head strikes a hard surface in the vehicle, and this could include the steering wheel or window. TBIs can negatively affect the cells in the brain and lead to both physical and psychological symptoms. 

Common physical symptoms for this type of injury include headaches, brief or extended loss of consciousness, vertigo, loss of balance and unexplained fatigue. TBIs can also cause psychological symptoms. Some of these symptoms include mood swings, depression and memory issues. TBIs can range from mild to severe, and mild TBIs are commonly called concussions. 

2.   Whiplash

Another serious injury you could get during a car accident is whiplash. Have you ever watched a crash test video? If you have, you’ve seen how the head and neck snap forward and backward violently during a car crash. This whip-cracking motion is the source of whiplash. 

People who have whiplash often have many physical difficulties. An example is that neck and shoulder muscles can be severely strained, making it harder and more painful to move your neck. This injury can also lead to frequent headaches. These headaches could become chronic if you don’t seek help for whiplash. Whiplash has also been known to cause tingling or numbness in the arms, and it can also lead to balance problems, fatigue and mood changes. 

Get help for serious car accident injuries at Advent Physical Therapy in Kentwood, MI

After a car accident, you should definitely see a doctor. If it turns out that you have a car accident injury, your doctor may recommend that you seek help from a physical therapist. This is where the Kentwood clinic of Advent Physical Therapy comes in. Our team offers complimentary screenings intended to help us determine what injury you’re dealing with and how it’s affecting you. We also offer individualized injury treatment plans, and our plans make use of multiple beneficial therapy techniques such as: 

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